Donghae and eunseo dating

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There was also talk about changing the MCs and whatnot. I think Super Junior began receiving more love and support after we won the Daesang that the Golden Disk Awards that year laughs.

So Boom hyung and I decided that we needed to work harder, and things seem to be much better on set now.

of course not all ELFs are going to be okay with this. All of us cling on to that one in a millionth chance of being with donghae. But even if they really had feelings, who are we to judge? But I just don't like the fact that he's going out with a girl who he barely knows..

like what the heck's with these people hating her for just a role?!?? I mean, come on, just admit it, you won't so crazy about someone if they don't have the look even they have a real talent. We don't know if Eun Seo and Donghae really liked each other, they could've been acting all this time for the show. We don't know them in real life so we can't be angry about it. I know donghae's gonna get married soon and I know he will.

We found an unconscious woman who was bleeding near before the arc of Changwon.

We need you here because your dad and I would still have some things to fix up. Of course that was a hospital in case that I'll get bored, at least my buddies were here for me.

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