Dating women who like sports baseball

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I’ve been quizzed about team trivia, and called a fake fan when I can’t name who was on a certain starting lineup of a certain team in a certain year. I’ve had dates and male bosses who have expressed genuine amusement at my knowledge of who the Bears are playing on Sunday, which basketball team is undefeated or why Lebron really isn’t all that hateable (it took me awhile to get there but I got there! I wore Cubs hats and slept in Bears T-shirts and relished the fact that Michael Jordan — the ultimate GOAT — belonged to us. I pondered, do I just do a cute parade of emojis (bear, baseball, blue heart, 100, fireball)? They are my childhood and my memories, the connective tissue to my relatives and origins. Why was I so intensely analyzing what other people might think about how much I love, or don’t really love, the Chicago Cubs? I have a friend who tells me I’m such a cool girl every time she hears I’m watching a game or going to meet my boyfriend at a sports bar. Why can’t liking sports be like loving the movies or or ramen? Growing up, I didn’t obsessively follow every highlight or track stats and trades, but I cared. ’ I questioned what sort of phrase would make it seem like I’m genuinely excited about my team winning the World Series, and not simply feigning excitement for the sake of attention? Why was I considering whether or not to commemorate an occasion that truly made me happy?Baseball Friends date is the ultimate singles community for Baseball lovers.Best of all, you don’t even need to pay a penny at the Baseball dating site, it’s all free!

Last fall’s haunting Deadspin article on the life and death of sportswriter Jennifer Frey, who despite her brilliance faced extreme industry misogyny, captures that all too well. Sometimes, I’m more interested in players’ personal lives than their batting averages.

I seem to not find very many guys that are into baseball, they'll come to a game or two -- but apparently I talk too much baseball when they do.

How do you go to games with people who don't care for baseball much (and are more in the going to hang out and have some beers type) ?

When I was two, my family moved to Los Angeles, but our passion for our teams remained fully intact. It felt ridiculously good and I wanted to celebrate! I cropped and filtered and wrote a caption: “My face all day today because THEY DID IT. I asked myself, ‘hmm, do I sound like that girl — the annoying one who plays up the fact that she’s a sports fan?

I was born in Chicago and have been cheering for Cubs, Bears and Bulls since I could make sounds. Jeff is toothless and adorable, I’m bug-eyed and smiling insanely, and we’re both decked out in Cubs gear.

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