Dating several women at once Chat sexy arab girl

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I went on three dates with a guy I thought was cute/smart/fun but the chemistry, in the end, wasn't there with.

I just can't imagine a second date having any significance unless we'd either slept together on the first (i.e.

dating several women at once-11

dating several women at once-11

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And even then it doesn't mean I know enough to think I might want to seriously or exclusively date them.Most guys including myself aren't interested in a competition for women, it takes to much time and effort and a lot of women aren't worth it.That being said - not letting them know they are in a competition is kinda screwed up, you're wasting a lot of man hours.Fortunately I never truly cared for her to begin with so I just immediately called and told her to lose my number but had she been someone I had developed feelings for I probably would have felt very used.TL; DR-After the second date you're just treating men like shopping shoes and that's not going to be okay for most guys unless they're doing the same thing.

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