Dating old shotgun shells Over 50s video web chat

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Both 10 and 12-gauge models were offered in the Model 1887; 12-gauge variants used a 2 5/8" shell, 10-gauge variants fired a 2 7/8" shell.

By 1900 it was soon realized that the action on the M1887 was not strong enough to handle early smokeless powder shotshells, and so a redesign resulted in the stronger Winchester Model 1901, 10-gauge only, to handle the advent of the more powerful smokeless powder.

They usually have a lot of power and are more accurate than other types of shells.

This is the main reason why they are so popular with trap shooters.7.

Environmental Impact One of the problems with most shooters is that they never pick up their shells after they are done shooting.

If the shells are made from plastic, this is bad for the environment.

Before shotgun shells that were made from plastic were introduced in 1960, paper had been the most popular material for making shotgun shells.

The reason why paper shotgun shells were so popular is because they were much cheaper and a lot easier to make than an all-brass shot gun shell.

Both types, plastic and paper, should be disposed of properly.

Over the years, a number of gun companies tried to produce Model 1887/1901 shotguns that could chamber modern, smokeless shotgun shells—largely for the cowboy action shooting discipline—but with little commercial success.

Recently however, three firearm companies have successfully produced viable models for the commercial firearms market: In some countries, gun laws restrict ownership of pump shotguns but are more permissive of ownership of lever-action shotguns.

A 12-gauge chambering was not offered, as Winchester did not want the Model 1901 to compete with their successful 12-gauge Model 1897 pump-action shotgun.

Other distinguishing characteristics of the Model 1901 are: Although a technically sound gun design, the market for lever-action shotguns waned considerably, as John Browning had predicted, after the introduction of the Winchester 1897 and other contemporary pump-action shotguns.

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