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My mother was a malignant N, father 'fragile' but it makes little difference. The difference between overt/covert is a moot point. It is exactly like the terrible two's, you are right, but in a grown adult it is horrifying to witness. I doubt that all narcissistic persons miss self-awareness! If you haven't read it, I highly recommend Alexander Lowen's 'Narcissism Denial of the True Self'. Or I'd talk about the somewhat exotic sport I play- they play two!

They still both had no empathy, were oblivious to anyone's feelings but their own. The damage NPD parents do can be catastrophic, leading to a child full of shame, guilt, self hate and with no self esteem. I found myself well described as a narcissistic person and I would like to change. It was a sort of self-defence once and became a habit after a while. He delves into Narcissism and how it's engendered, but he also opens up avenues of healing that you may find helpful. If you are worried about other people feeling bad around you, I think that excludes from being a narcissist by definition. They'd also traveled at least as much and I could finally tell all the cool stories I'd been stuffing down.

This definition is 100% bogus I think everyone is a little narcistic because everyone thinks highly of themselves, For the most part.

You’re with someone you’ve just met, and within seconds you feel that there’s something wrong with you.

Up until meeting this person, you were having a pretty good day, but now you’re starting to question everything from the way you look to the accomplishments you’ve racked up over your life so far.

It’s easy to get thrown into a personal purgatory of self-doubt in these situations.

Whether it’s a social contact or a business interaction, people who want everyone to know how big they are can make the rest of us feel pretty small.

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