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The method was tested on 5 study sites : Radisson, lac Saint-Pierre, lac Saint-François (Appalachian), Grande-Plée-Bleue and Isle Verte.

Theses sites provide a wide range of different wetland classes in varied environment which helped test the mapping method before applying it to large areas.

This level also allows to identify medium size wetlands.

Lastly, the fine level is the refinement of the medium level, composed exclusively of « Potential Wetlands - Medium » class.

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The 5 wetland classes at a regional scale are well suited to thematic mapping using satellite remote sensing. northern Great Plains since 1996, an increase (460 %, 1,048 birds; 67.7 % increase since 1991) was detected on the Missouri River.(CWI) started in spring 2002 and was first aimed to develop a method to map 5 wetland classes stratification, based on the Canadian Wetland Classification System, with a minimal mapping unit of 1 hectare.The 5 wetlands classes for the CWI are : marsh, swamp, shallow water, fen and bog.Lawrence Estuary at Kamouraska were mainly mature migrating eels. Cutaneous ulcers were observed more frequently in the Richelieu River.Higher prevalences of vertebral deformities were found in mature migrating eels captured in Kamouraska and in the Richelieu River.

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