Dating a winchester 94 rifle

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The Winchester collector world accepted his word on all things Winchester as gospel. My friend Bert Hartman among others started digging around in the Cody Museum basement, and discovered boxes full of microfilm containing all the Polishing Room Records.Some unknown hero had the forethought to record the records on microfilm.

A man named George Madis compiled the Winchester DOM's after he salvaged the Winchester records from a dumpster. Unfortunately, many of the records were destroyed or missing, so he simply made up the rest.

The millionth 94 was presented in 1927 to President Calvin Coolidge.

Subsequent benchmark Model 94 rifles were presented to Presidents Harry Truman (1948) and Dwight Eisenhower (1953). Please note that PGW does not manufacture stocks for special or commemorative issues of the Winchester Model 1894 due to the medallion insert cuts.

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