Dating a bisexual girl

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I knew I was bisexual by the time I was 10 years old.

I’m Bi and I have neither cheated nor thought about it. You're the one in the relationship, not your family.

If she makes you happy, life's too short to wait around for the ball to drop.

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I found this attitude hurtful, which made me even more unwilling to put myself out there.She goes to my college, I hope this isn't offensive, I dont care that she's bisexual morality wise, but my brother and father both told me that bisexual girls/women can't make up there minds and will cheat or leave you for another girl.I know I'm an adult and can decide for myself but they both have more experience with relationships, women, dating, than I do.Unfortunately, most people just aren’t willing to accept that you’re bisexual without a fight.The women I’ve dated weren’t good at communicating, and neither am I.

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