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Which means to get to Skye's heart he needs to go through Coulson.

So I got an anon request an embarrassingly long time ago to write this "As Coulson is kinda Skye's dad - I beg of you, write a thing where he asks Coulson's permission to date Skye and Coulson does some dad thing like cleaning his guns. I think such things are hilarious, and it would be so cute to see Ward all fidgety and nervous about making a good impression as a potential boyfriend." And though it took me three months, after secretly writing during class, I am finally done! And if anyone wants to make requests, comment, or send it to my inbox trinitea-fics on Tumblr!

When he tried asking her out, and out of nowhere Coulson burst into the room and demanded to talk to Lincoln.

Ward isn't totally sure what went down, probably something that involved threatening the poor boy with Coulson's level seven status.

He needs to at least say something, even though he knows that he'll be on edge the entire time his mouth is open. The guy probably write half of those Captain America fanpages online, what fact could impress him? You seem a little tense, which isn't very good for a specialist," Coulson inquires and Ward wishes that base went into lockdown or that aliens suddenly attacked, anything to get him out of his conversations.

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There was this kid, Lincoln, he was nice guy, smart, attractive, also inhuman and had a thing for Skye.

Plus this is doing nothing to help all the anxiety of confronting Coulson, if anything it's making it worse.

"Bobbi and I are on good terms now thank-you-very-much, so if you're playing the long game, you will want to listen to my advice," Hunter responds defensively.

Has your daughter’s loser boyfriend really pissed you off?

Don’t let them call, text, tweet, facebook, or physically see your daughter in the first place!

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