Cost for selective online dating services

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The Private Unlimited Membership — which ranges from ,000 to more than .5 million — is priced to ensure matches with other highly successful singles.Once a matched couple meets, they have the option to date exclusively or continue seeking other pairings.“These relationships work when the woman prefers a more emotionally evolved gentleman with whom she can connect better on a deeper level and when the man finds that same depth and fulfillment from the relationship,” Phoebe said.SEI Club offers another high-profile service called Fashion Models Matched-Dating, which pairs female fashion models with the men they seek.This narrows down an already small base of elite daters, but that is exactly why people choose SEI Club.

“If we can contribute to 3 million more lasting relationships within the next few years, we will be very happy,” Phoebe said.

“We ask, ‘Do we have an abundance of members who would be a great fit?

’ And, ‘Do we have an abundance of these suitable members who would also love to meet this person? If the answer to both questions is “yes,” the application is approved, and the prospective member moves forward in the process.

To decide whether to accept an applicant, matchmakers determine if the interested single has the outlook, ambition, and relationship expectations that would make him or her an ideal match for another member.

Next, matchmakers consider a potential member’s appeal to all current members.

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