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You can find most of them by exploring the countryside and driving back roads—and you should do so while they’re still here.

You can even stay on North Campus in a themed residence hall, or venture off-campus to the apartments and rental homes in Collegetown or the greater Ithaca area. We have family-friendly apartments, shared apartments, and cooperative housing options to help you strike the right balance between campus and home.

Una vez más, por favor mantenga su identidad en secreto Haga clic en el botón "Continuar" para buscar con su código postal.

"Paradoxically, my 'favorite' thing at Cornell has been the extraordinarily high standard of excellence required by my professors.

Obviously it makes amazing ice cream on campus but it is also attached to the Cornell dairy plant that students are free to walk by and observe the factory in action.

It's a unique way to experience the food you are eating.

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