Chris paul dating anyone

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According to ESPN, Rondo denied spitting at Paul, indicating the mouthguard he was wearing would have made spitting very difficult, while Lakers coach Luke Walton denied the guard had indeed spat at the Rockets point guard. However, Rob Perez, the co-host of the popular #Spit Gate FINALAfter barking something, Melo licks his lips twice same time as Chris Paul wipes his face. Paul has been suspended for poking at and making contact with the face of Rondo, and throwing multiple punches at him."Chris Paul #3 of the Houston Rockets is restrained by Le Bron James #23 of the Los Angeles Lakers after a fight involving Rajon Rondo #9 and Brandon Ingram #14 of the Los Angeles Lakers during a 124-1115 Rockets win at Staples Center on October 20 in Los Angeles, California.Following the altercation, Paul insisted he had poked Rondo after the Lakers guard allegedly spat in his face, an accusation the latter vehemently denied.Le Bron James's home debut for the Los Angeles Lakers was overshadowed by a major brawl that saw punches flying on the court.The melee broke out on Saturday night, with the Houston Rockets 109-108 ahead late in the fourth quarter, when Lakers guard Rajon Rondo threw a punch toward Rockets point guard Chris Paul after the latter had poked a finger onto his face.Paul, Andre Roberson, Danilo Gallinari, Steven Adams, Nerlens Noel, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander...that's a legitimate NBA rotation with a bunch of guys who can either shoot or rim run and defend around Paul.

An eyewitness told a reporter from Sources on @The Athletic NBA @Watch Stadium: Along with Chris Paul/Rajon Rondo altercation in Lakers-Rockets, one of Rondo’s family members confronted Paul’s wife, Jada.

NBA investigating tonight’s on-court altercations ahead of Rockets/Clippers on Sunday.— Shams Charania (@Shams Charania) October 21, 2018An eyewitness told @thelasentinel Ramon Rondo’s significant other shoved Jada Paul, Chris Paul’s wife, who was sitting next to Savannah James. Jones (@Lo Jo Media) October 21, 2018While the off-court shenanigans are yet to be dealt with, the NBA swiftly handed out punishment to the players.

Ingram and Rondo were suspended for four and three games respectively, while Paul received a two-game ban for his role in the melee, which he began serving on Sunday night as he sat out the Rockets' 115-112 defeat against the Clippers in Los Angeles."Ingram has been suspended for aggressively returning to and escalating the altercation and throwing a punch in the direction of Paul, confronting a game official in a hostile manner, and instigating the overall incident by shoving Rockets guard James Harden," the NBA said in a statement."Rondo has been suspended for instigating a physical altercation with, and spitting and throwing multiple punches at, Paul.

So the NBA ballers and their wives - Savannah James, Nina Westbrook and Jada Paul - linked up for a triple date night over the weekend.

They were spotted wining and dining at a restaurant in L.

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