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more about Alya from Mariupol I want to tell you, that I am special) I am the citizen of two countries - Russia and Estonia.Almost every month) I can not say that belong to any cou...First of all I am a future doctor and only this little fact can tell a lot about me.more about Maria from Berdyansk Even if it doesn't seem to be so, because of one or another reason, deep inside I am a simple girl with simple needs and desires.One problem is that you don't know the age of the person you're chatting with.

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A Childhood Lost At the top of the stairs I Can't If you have a poem or anything else you have written to share with us, please email me.

They say These clever scientist folks, That there is such a thing As learned helplessness; Cage a rat Subject it To repeated trauma Until it is so tired of fighting It will lie in the corner And take the pain Not leaving Even when the door is opened I know this to be true This has been me Cowering In the corner Begging With imploring eyes For you to shut the door And stop confronting me With impossible choices My body Is the landscape Over which You wish to roam Explore Discover New territory To claim for your own I am no longer an easy surrender Conquistador Adventurer Be tender In your approach And I may let you enjoy For too many Would-be conquerors If they cannot possess Will seek instead To destroy Every bruise you gave me Has become a battleshield Every scar you gave me Has regenerated Stronger skin You can't touch me now Every bone broken by you Has healed Every tear shed for you Has long since dried You can't reach me now I'm peaceful I've stopped the war You can't hurt me Any more There comes a time When you have to forget When nothing is left When things buried Have been brought to light Burned away And the ashes scattered To the winds There comes a time When nothing is left When all sounds Have faded away Even that Of goodbye I would love to say Part of me still cherishes you But it would be A lie.

“I wanted to say I’m sorry, and you’re awesome, and I was a jackass-idiot hybrid.” Ghosting’s not cool, but I don’t agree with the self-neg.

He was openly manipulating me in real time, and without any whiff of embarrassment.

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