Boyish dating sim guide

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At least he’ll give Sabe a job even though it’s a store for gentlemen, apparently… Then Sabe has to sleep in order to have enough HP to talk again. I wish I could hear his voice, because personally the voice is everything for a guy in real life. He’s still a little cold, but that’s to be expected with someone who has that social history. I have to wonder why he refused to go out on dates with Sabe when she asked him, then?? If he had a crush on Sabe all those years, he must have had a hard time accepting that it would be possible to go out with her; he had to change his mindset on that one. All right, after dating Landon and Roland and finding them both perrrrfect, I shall eliminate Nathan from the pool.

That’s cute but a little irrelevant considering Sabe seems perfectly grown up to me but Teddy is still an annoying man-boy. But he hook Sabe up with some kickass steampunk clothes so she fits into the time period. Let’s use Sabe’s newfound HP to go on a date with him!! Sabe can choose conversation, gift-giving, or a smooch to progress the date and see if Nathan’s mood improves. Sabe can only converse with him three times, at which point they hold hands… In conversation, he reveals that he’s not a very good cook, but of course Sabe doesn’t mind that. And now it looks like Sabe can return to this train station anytime to chat with him. Sabe has already been out with Nathan twice, but Landon seems more interesting. I’m going to eliminate Teddy as a love interest, and for this playthrough, Emmett’s just not quite my style… In the Gentlemen Goods store where Sabe occasionally works when she feels like it (if only work in real life were like that Franz Ferdinand song), she finds a compass that seems like just the thing. He’s been opening up to Sabe about his sister and his airplane and he seems super cute.

but my favorite guy in this game has been ROLAND THE PILOT!! It seems a very convenient way to break up with other boyfriends…

Landon was a close second, but Roland’s weird alien fetish and goofy goggles win the day. like WOOPS, I guess I got stuck 100 years in the past, time to move on with our lives! The game says I got the BEST ENDING possible with him and shows me the final scene with Sabe and Roland IN LOVESSSS and with a kid.

Soooo choosing the right option = you don’t waste HP (because it automatically moves on to the next conversation instead of forcing you to retry it to get the “right” response). let’s see if anybody’s at the train station: to the mysterious guy with the airplane! OMG, Teddy brings up the promise to get married, just out of the blue. How cute, in My Documents on the computer she has a picture of her with Teddy and Landon. Only Landon is all off to the side and looking at Sabe and blushing in the picture. Most are sold out, but there is one left in stock and it’s 50% off! so I don’t blame him for wanting to get out of her cramped bedroom. But I’m not sure if I’m liking this whole dating-a-robot thing. It doesn’t matter, though, because very soon we reach END OF DIALOGUE with Oz!!

He must have a real crush on Sabe, which explains why he rescued her and why he wanted to get her away from handsome Nathan. Teddy gives Sabe the Time Jumper device so Landon doesn’t think he stole it. It’s no wonder he went half-mad and decorated her entire room in stickers. It’s a little awkward, because of all places they go to a food court… But they seem to enjoy themselves, as afterwards conversations lead to Oz saying that he wants to touch Sabe’s hair and stuff like that. Sabe says that if Oz ever broke down, even if she got a new android, it would never be able to replace Oz and THE END.

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