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Brandon is highly virtuous and an idealist, which makes him the ultimate good guy.

Although he has several love interests on the series – including Kelly Taylor, to whom he eventually gets engaged – he and Kelly end up canceling their engagement on the last season, and he leaves to pursue his dream job as a journalist in Washington.

Tori Spelling r Dylan is the bad-boy counterpart to his best friend Brandon Walsh.

Like Brandon, he’s also intelligent, grounded and mature for his age, but has the tendency for reckless behavior at times, and even engages in substance abuse for part of the show.

Many of these stars continue to be stars today while others decided to take a different path.

And then there are the ones who are coming back stronger than ever in the upcoming reunion.

He and his twin sister, Brenda, enroll at West Beverly High and soon become very popular.The actor also starred in his own sci-fi drama called Jeremiah for two seasons.His latest work was as a series regular on the mystery drama Riverdale, this time playing the leading heartthrob’s father.During the first season, he slowly becomes friends with the gang, and in season two starts dating popular girl Donna Martin.The two break up when David is unfaithful, and continue to have a rocky on-and-off relationship throughout the show, both of them dating other people in-between.

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