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Fa Ze is just a team with crappy mentality but certainly huge ego. Every decision they made since karrigan makes no sense.

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Od sada se privatnim i grupnim chatovima, Communityju, chatbotovima i sadržaju koji se redovno koristi pristupa s glavne chat liste.

Ovaj web chat, kao i mnogi drugi u to vrijeme, imao je ograničenja zbog ograničene dostupne tehnologije.

Latin Chat se temeljio na JAVA apletu, a kasnije je ažuriran na Macromedia Flash.

If Fa Ze lose this and don't get into the legends stage then they should just kick Neo and Olof and get Aleksi B and cold Or just disband if the fucking retards managing faze dont give them any money for won't play d2, probably they improved a lot on other maps and dind't practice d2 hence why vitality raped him on d2.

But it could be a genius move to make the other teams think their d2 is weak when in reality they maybe practided in it a lot LUL he's busy fucking 10's and not being a gypsie, sorry buddy, I'm sure he'll get back to spanking 3rd world country ass soon.

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