Badlands park ranger intimidating techniques

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Then there’s the uncle who has his own unique sense of fashion - including a mullet and crocs. (My cousins and I try to imitate him, but we never last as long as he does).And there’s the aunt who nonchalantly tells extremely dramatic stories, like about her car flipping over, in the same tone that she talks about what happened at the grocery store.One of our favorite things to do at family gatherings is retelling old our stories.Like the time my uncle’s canoe capsized, and the first thing he did was fumble in his pocket and hold his cell phone up in the air, as he went crashing into the water.From that day on, my idol worship extended to whatever my sisters did.They took piano lessons, so I needed to take piano lessons.

My brother and I grab our own guitars, and my dad pulls out his phone to take one of his famous selfies - with just the top of his head showing, and in this case, my left hand and guitar neck.And that I get up before dawn on Saturday mornings so I can go to Cars And Coffee, a weekly gathering where people from all over bring their old cars to look at them and talk about them with each other.My family knows all my favorite stories - especially the one about the time my band was playing a gig at a gas station and a famous local musician stopped to get gas, then started jamming with us.Or the time my cousin started eating her birthday candles because she thought that’s what everyone else was doing (we were just licking the frosting off them).Or the time my uncle gave my dad a prank gift of stale cupcakes.

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