Are laura and trey from real world dating

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But her outgoing personality cannot be contained and she is desperate to experience life outside her little town.

A recent graduate of Virginia State University, where she was an RA, La Toya was admired on campus and even considered herself and her then-boyfriend to be the Michelle and Barack Obama of VSU. Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, this corn-fed cutie got an unusual present from her adoptive parents when she was born: a shotgun.

With "Statitude" to spare -- that's Staten Island Attitude, for those not in the know -- Marie describes her worst trait as calling people out too often.

She is going to put you in your place, whether you like it or not.

Currently, Swift is working as a VIP host at a popular local club. Girls tend to get obsessed with him and while he's not exactly ready to settle down, he finds the player's life shallow and empty.

Swift will argue his point endlessly and he's easily fired up when he feels disrespected.She is also a master flirt who has high standards for the men in her life.That doesn't mean that Laura dates less frequently, she's just a pro at finding hot guys.Though he's currently doing electrical and construction work, Brandon's dream is to leave all that in the dust and become a music journalist.He's extremely open about his past and often comes on very strong, very quickly.

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