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The new societies had one problem, however: now that the labor was specialized, agricultural surpluses had to happen every year without a break if the new culture was to remain intact. Government most likely began with religious leaders, such as priests, exercising control.

Governments also provided roads for their citizens and merchants.

Around 10,000 years ago people started to settle down and developed agriculture possibly in response to a warming climate.These were found with stone figurines in levels where earthen buildings had been flattened and destroyed, as though civilization had kept building atop their own ruins, or re-purposing land, as needs changed.Evidence in the middle east shows pottery styles moving throughout the Arabian peninsula, especially during the late Halaf-Ubaid period, where painted pottery and flint arrowheads have been discovered in great number.The origin of agriculture is often referred to as the Neolithic Revolution.Keep in mind that different societies domesticated plants and animals, and consequently agriculture, independently i.e. These farmers had to overcome obstacles such as dry land with technologies like large scale irrigation.

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