Amy and minwoo dating

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But don't expect the LP to contain a response track."There isn't necessarily a response as there's a lament," the singer for the South African rockers said. I was really upset that she would say and do those things. But it was a painful thing and it got me down — people coming up to me on the street and referring to that song.His rehab stint, coincidentally, began on the very same day the Evanescence track was delivered to the nation's rock radio stations.As you might expect, Morgan wasn't thrilled with Lee's public airing of the pair's dirty laundry.

And the timing couldn't have been worse for Lee's damning revelation, coming just weeks after Morgan checked himself into rehab for treatment of "a combination of substances" (see "Seether Frontman Enters Rehab; August Tour Dates Canceled").Talking about your estranged lover, publicly, even if the person isn’t a celebrity is not just unsensible and ignorant but sleazy/shoddy behavior.Kim Dong-wan definitely knows how to put the attention starved girl back in place.Amy has really been going around telling multiple press sources way too much unreliable and unnecessary information about her relationship with Min-woo and making him look like a shady, conniving liar.Hopefully, Amy will recognize that every guy or girl for that matter, doesn’t have to grovel at her feet, just because her parent’s are in the top 1% of the filthy rich in Korea.

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