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Why you think you will be the Sole Survivor: Because I really want it and no one can mess with me when I set my mind to something.Being one of the younger castaways of the season, Alina was initially placed under the La Flor tribe, with members aging 30 and below.Upon reaching their new camp, Alina and Na Onka somewhat settled their differences, with the former comforting the latter's emotional distress during a heavy rain.She would remain safe at the next few rounds up until the merge, though she found herself in serious trouble because her remaining closest ally Kelly B. When the tribes merged in Day 19, Na Onka, reunited with her alliance partners, boldly told Alina that she was being targeted by the tribe.

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Then, the finalists had an argument about Fabio's strategy and "Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast", which Alina enjoyed because she viewed it as the finalists fighting for the prize.

However, she and remaining ally, Kelly Bruno, managed to avoid the hot seat, thanks to several immunity wins followed by a timely Tribe Switch that sent her to the Espada tribe. Hobbies: Traveling, hiking, scuba diving, swimming, cycling, photography, scrapbooking.

Ultimately, she was unable to recoup from losing her allies pre-merge and her status as an outcast, and became the first post-merge boot as well as the first member of the jury. Occupation: Art Student at California State University in Fullerton Personal Claim to Fame: Finishing a six-day, 30 mile hike in the Sierra Nevada Mountains after almost having my finger bitten off by a dog on the first night. Pet Peeves: People who love the sound of their own voice and people who call me "hun" or "sweetie."3 Words to Describe You: Creative, determined, sweet.

At the Final Tribal Council, Alina viewed Fabio as the "ultimate surfer boy", but she wanted to give her vote to a man.

She asked Sash to convince her why she should vote for him.

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