Adult dating salem massachusetts

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Of the Wiccan and New Age stores in town, a few stand out as good providers of books.

Crow Haven Corner, which arguably sparked a local Pagan renaissance when it opened in 1971, stocks a couple of big bays full of material for the aspiring practitioner.

Harrison’s has a better selection, and it used to be my go-to, but some unsavory sexist nonsense went down there in 2014 and I no longer give them my business.This newer building is brick and severely square, almost a saltbox in structure.There are four floors, one of which is restricted to kids and families.During the 19th century, Salem was still a super important port and kind of a bigger deal in trade than Boston.(Locals still mutter that if the harbor were deeper, Salem would eventually have been as important as New York City.) As a muckety-muck port, it was also moneyed and became a prominent cultural spot. That’s not still the case, but there are still plenty of interesting book lenders active in Salem.

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